The firm’s main areas of practice are tax litigation and criminal law.


The Tax Practice assists clients in tax litigation before the lower and higher tax courts (including the Supreme Court). Very often, however, assistance is given from the very beginning of a tax controversy, before the case reaches court: we can help in the initial dialogue with the authorities, in the inspection phase and/or in the negotiation of a possible settlement after a notice of assessment has been issued. Quite frequently we assist clients with tax refund procedures, in the administrative, litigation and enforcement phases. In addition, our firm provides technical opinions on specific tax matters.


We assist clients in all types of criminal cases, with a special focus on corporate crimes, bankruptcy crimes, tax and customs crimes, environmental crimes, crimes against property and against the public administration, crimes related to accidents at work, and industrial and intellectual property crime. Our firm also handles medical liability cases. By providing opinions and support in drafting the organizational models required by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, we can also help clients to prevent such crimes.


Given the high specialization of our practices, we frequently provide services to (or jointly with) other firms operating in other areas of law and accounting. All of us truly believe that loyal collaboration between professionals and the sharing of skills can create the best possible conditions for the protection of our clients’ interests.